Wild Bandito

Águila, meaning "Eagle", is a three-headed Mexican robber gang operating in the Mexican borderlands. They hide their true nature by posing as a touring mariachi band that performs their songs from city to city throughout the day. At night, like ghosts, they attack gold mines and sell the stolen gold in order to gain enormous wealth. They say that their movements are so swift and silent that no one is able to catch these moments, and in an instant the gold seems to evaporate. The Mexican governor has put up a reward of 30 million in cash for Aguila, dead or alive, if he is caught. But nothing can stop them, because no one knows their hiding place. Local residents say that if you hear the sounds of a guitarrón and a vihuela at night, it means that Águila is on the move again. This music will take you straight to them! If you manage to catch all three, 30 million in cash will be yours! "Wild Bandito" is a 5-reel, 4-row video slot with gold borders and free spins where the multiplier increases with each spin. During the Free Spins on the third reel, all symbols except Wilds and Scatters will be in gold frames, increasing your chances of winning big! The win multiplier will increase by 1 when there are one or more winning symbols on the reels!

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